How Large Organizations Benefit from the Local Search Strategy


Gone are those days when people used physical directories to find details about a particular business. The very first thing that people do these days when they want to search a business is search on the Internet. About 64% of local customers use search engines and directories as the only way to find out details of local businesses. Large organizations have earned high profits with the help of this. Find out how they do this.

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Types of Mobile Marketing Tactics for your Heavy Duty Equipment Business


Today, smartphones are the most used devices and they enable consumers to access the world’s information directly through the Internet. This is a major reason why several mobile marketing tactics have been successful and effective for businesses. Let’s look at how these tactics can benefit your heavy duty equipment business.

SMS and MMS Marketing

SMS and MMS marketing have always been popular and effective. Send out regular SMSs and MMSs to your existing customers as well as to the new database. This can help you be on the top of their head while they plan to buy a heavy duty product.

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What are the Risks Involved in Social Media Marketing


Today, there are innumerable ways to advertise, position, and market your business. One of them is social media marketing. Social media marketing in itself is a vast subject that covers several channels and mediums that are used the most by online users these days. As said, there are so many digital marketing options to choose from, not every tactic you choose or follow will be beneficial. You will always be at some or the other risk while following marketing strategies, especially social media marketing. Here are some very common risks involved in social media marketing strategies.

Possibility of Competitor Plagiarism

Just like how your competitors are exposed to the general public, similarly, your social media content and strategies are openly exposed to your competitors as well. There are possibilities that they may plagiarize your content with their brand’s name, and copy your techniques and strategies.

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Social Media Tips to Drive More Business


Nothing can be better than including social media marketing tactics in your strategy along with other marketing techniques to attract more customers to your heavy duty equipment business. If you think social media marketing for your business is only about sharing content through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you are wrong. Here are some social media marketing tips that you can consider to drive more customers and increase profits.

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Why are Hashtags Important for your Trucking Companys Marketing?


Today, #hashtags are all over the Internet, right from social media posts to online marketing channels. Hashtags are nothing but the simplest way to combine hyperlinks with keywords. They are the ‘#’ symbol preceding the word or phrase that is popular and easy-to-search-for online users. With these simple marketing tools being present everywhere on the digital medium, it becomes crucial for your trucking company to include hashtags in your online marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at the importance of hashtags.

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7 Digital Marketing Tactics to Retain your Heavy Equipment Buyers and Sellers


Your heavy duty equipment buyers and sellers can turn a single business transaction into a long-term, beneficial business relationship. This is possible when you market your heavy duty equipment brand effectively to them. When talking about the best ways of marketing, digital marketing is the first thing that strikes anybody’s mind. So, let’s look at some digital marketing tactics for retaining customers, buyers, and sellers.

1) Create Email Newsletters

Along with your clients, it is important to keep your buyers and sellers updated with your products, services, offers, and other information. Send personalized emails, newsletters to your buyer and seller database. The more they feel connected, the higher are the chances of retaining them.

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How can you Improve your Digital Marketing Strategy for your Trucking Brand


Every business is different and so are its digital marketing strategies. No businesses want their potential customers to merely click on their website. Every business wants to stand out from their competitors in order to gain profits and more customers. Do you have a set digital marketing strategy, but isn’t working great for your business? Maybe it’s time you consider improving your tactics. Here’s how you can do that.

Measure your Performance

In order to improve your strategy, it is important to measure the effectiveness of your tactics. Use Google Analytics and other tools to measure the results of your online marketing campaigns.

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